Wicked Witches (Böse Hexen)


For 2 guitars

Score, 16 pages • 2nd score (guitar 2), 12 pages

Published in Acoustic-Music-Verlag (Osnabrück)

Order No. AMB 5020


In every movements, an evil witch is characterized musically - sometimes as angry, sometimes as insidious, sometimes as bizarre. The guitars also seem to be "bewitched". Not only are many modern playing techniques such as tamborra, glissando, pizzicato and golpe beats used, but also completely new sounds are extracted from the instrument. In one movement a piece of paper is stuck under the strings and alienates the sound, sometimes the strings are crossed before beeing played and the third movement is even played with four hands on one guitar. A piece that expresses the multifaceted possibilitys of the sound of the guitar.




- Guitar 1, 2