Galileo (Trekel Musikverlag, order nr. T 5009)


A composition for guitar orchestras and solo guitar


It´s subtitled as "Und sie bewegt sich doch!" (and yet it moves) - a famous phrase from Galileo Galilei. The premiere of this piece took place on June 3 2001 in the Oude Kerk in Enschede (Holland) - Wüller himself played the solo guitar

One may wonder why the guitar was chosen as a solo instrument, since the orchestra already consists of guitars. The answer can be found in the theme of the work: The soloist embodies an individualist within the great crowd, who shakes the established opinions of the world with his critical views and develop his own standpoint. Similar to the scientist Galileo, the soloist encounters violent opposition.  The guitarorchestra symbolises the conservative crowd and tries to put him in his place again and again. A dialogue - or rather an argument - emerges between the soloist and the ensemble. The ensemble "insists" to the traditional, tonal rules of the musical doctrine. But the soloist more and more developed his own music, which increasingly exceeds the limits of tonality. He thus creates unrest and indignation in the crowd. It is only in the last four notes of the work that the soloist and the ensemble join together and form a final punshline: a blues quote.



- guitar 1, 2, 3, 4

- solo gitarre

- bass guitar