12 Mysteries

(proCoustic Publishing, order nr. pp-0001 / CD Recording: pp-0002 )


The 12 Mysteries were composed in 2016/2017 by Lars Wüller as a homage to the beautiful and mysterious art of guitar playing. They were created in close collaboration with the guitarist Fabian Hinsche.


Each movement of this piece revolves around one or two playing technics. They are intentionally used to create a unique musical character and a corresponding physical experience for the performing artist - both aiming for a deeply emotional impact on the player and his audience. Classic playing techniques such as the flageolet, the pizzicato or the tremolo are used as well as unusual playing styles with percussive sounds (Goblin Prelude) or with a prepared guitar (Elegy of the Machine). The special sound atmospheres are partly also supported by detuning the guitar strings. As the composition progresses, the tuning of the strings changes more and more. In Surreal Waltz four of the six guitar strings are tuned to a different pitch.


The individual movements can be performed on their own or in any free combination. If the piece will be performed in its entirety you can choose to include the enclosed short story to your performance. It can be told by a narrator between the individual parts of this piece. 


In 2018  the world's first complete recording of this composition was published. It is played by Fabian Hinsche on guitar, accompanied by the well-known audiobook narrator Johannes Steck. The published score has 116 pages, including the mystical short story an some descriptions.






Audio Samples

  • Prologue

  • No. 1 Martial Arts

  • No. 2 Lullaby

  • No. 3 The Antihero

  • No. 4 Cumulus

  • No. 5 Momentum

  • No. 6 The Full Monty

  • No. 7 Goblin Prelude

  • No. 8 Zombie Dance

  • No. 9 Moshpit

  • No. 10 Legend of the Ancient Dragonfly

  • No. 11 Surreal Waltz

  • No. 12 Elegy of the Machine

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