Halbschlafwesen / Half-sleep creatures 

(Trekel Musikverlag, order nr. T5040)


"In the brief moment between waking and dreaming, the dream world mingles with reality. In this twilight zone the most unusual creatures live."

In this surreal work Wüller characterizes such fantasies in five movements.


1. The penguin mafia:

A group of penguins form a band of mafia-gangsters with black suits and with serious faces. After a wild chase the "big boss" (soloist) puts his foot down.


2. The aged Pegasus:

The old Pegasus gazes back sadly at his glorious past. He does not have the strength to raise his wings anymore and only the memory of his many adventures gives him comfort.


3. Elephant on spider legs:

A direct reference to the pictures of Salvador Dali. The motif of the elephant, which stands on endless long legs high in the air, is found in many of his pictures.


4. Android on the bed table:

Everyone of us experiences it almost daily in the morning: the flashing beep of the alarm clock slowly pulls us out of the dreams. The fantasy turns the alarm clock into an android (robot in human shape).


5. Playhouse of dreams:

All creatures find together. Finally they sing and dance to an exuberant melody in  6/8.




- guitar 1, 2, 3, 4

- solo guitar

- bass guitar



(Illustrations by Kristina Fransbach)