Left Hand Guitar Challenge

Win sheet music and CDs worth € 49.50!

---------THE CHALLENGE IS OVER!!!--------

---------THE CHALLENGE IS OVER!!!--------

This is the challenge:



Record a video in which you play the technically demanding piece "Lamento of the One-Handed Guitarist" and upload it publicly to YouTube or Facebook!


That´s all! Once you have mastered this challenge and put your video online, I will send you a non-cash prize worth € 49.50 in appreciation of your performance: The large sheet music edition and the double CD of the "12 Mysteries" (sent free within Germany, international participants have to pay the shipping costs to their country.)


You will receive the sheet music of "Lamento" as a free download on my website for a limited time!


All advanced guitarists - amateurs and professionals - can participate! The sound and picture quality of your video is not important.

The only conditions are:

  • It must be a continuous live recording without cuts or other sound and image corrections.

  • The musical interpretation (tempo, agogics etc.) is up to you. But stick to the notated music.

  • The video must be online by May 31, 2020. So you have a whole month!

  • Multiple participation is not possible!

With this piece you will get a wonderful workout for your left hand and also get a perfect encore piece for your repertoire!


Your Reward

12 Mysteries 


13 Werke für Gitarre solo / 13 pieces for guitar solo

Schwierigkeitsgrad: fortgeschritten / Difficulty level: advanced

gebundene Ausgabe, Softcover, 116 Seiten / bound edition, softcover, 116 pages

Enthalten außerdem eine Kurzgeschichte zur Musik / also contain an accompanying short story (german)


Enthaltene Stücke /  included pieces:

- Prologue

- Martial Arts

- Lullaby

- The Antihero

- Cumulus

- Momentum

- The Full Monty

- Goblin Prelude

- Zombie Dance

- Moshpit

- Legend of the Ancient Dragonfly

- Surreal Waltz

- Elegy of the Machine


Value of this bundle (score + double-CD): € 49.50


See a video of the composer performing this piece:

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